Jamstik Creator Software Guide




  • Blackbutter

    Can you make a .PDF
    For user ???

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  • Amateur

    Where is the "Jamstik Creator" for ipad??!

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  • Joe Bowbeer

    At the moment, Install Sound Library.exe (on Windows) cannot access the Jamstik server

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  • Jack Rory Staunton

    I get the following message after installing Sound Library in the default location, even after reinstalling Creator. Help!

    EDIT: I had installed Creator, then opened it before installing Sound Library. Suspecting this was the cause of my problem, I installed both and then reinstalled them (a few times) with no success, until I did a full uninstall by removing all files associated with Jamstik (even hidden ones stored in ~/Library). To do this, I used free app called AppCleaner. After this full uninstall I reinstalled Creator, then I reinstalled Sound Library, then opened Creator and the Preset Library is finally present. So in the current beta with my configuration, it seems to be important not to open Creator until Sound Library is already installed or it cannot ever be found. 

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