Q: What Instruments Are Included in Jamstik+ App?

The jamstik+ companion App for tablet/phone comes with a variety of introductory sounds that will get give you a taste of what the jamstik+ is truly capable of.  Make sure to tap on the SHOPPING CART icon and download them from the jamstik+ Store.  Have fun!

Free Instruments & Sound Packs

Classical Acoustic Guitar

12 String

Steel Stringz

Electric Guitar Pack - Smooth Electric, Sparkling Electric, Fast Guitar Wah, Weeping Wah

Misc Guitar Pack - SmartChords, Banjo

Shiny Pluck

Synthwave Drums

Trap Drums

Rock Drums

IndieRetro Drums


Paid Instruments + SoundPacks



Sunburst Electric Guitar

Steinway Grand Piano

Stab Pluck

Six Plucks 

Bass Guitars - Upright Bass, Slap Bass, BigSnap

Songwriters Collection - Grant Piano, Rhodes, Orchestral, Nylon String, Upright Bass and 11 more.

Retro Synth Basses 1

Retro Synth Basses 2

Retro Synth Basses 3

Synthesizers - Pizz, Harp, SlowStrings, Sax, Drums, Krystals, Chordal, Padjump Dualrez, CloudsHi, Modestal, BetaBlock, SquareWave

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