How to Connect Jamstik+ to Android via Usb

What you’ll need:

1. Power on your Jamstik+

2. Plug the Micro-USB cable into your Jamstik+

3. Attach Micro-USB converter to the USB end of the Micro-USB cable

4. Plug the end with the converter into your Android via the charging port **IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE CONVERTER SIDE IS IN YOUR DEVICE, AND THE CHARGING CABLE END IS IN THE JAMSTIK**

5. Your Jamstik power light should now be lit up green instead of orange/amber, and a prompt should have come up on your phone or tablet.

6. Select which app you want to use with your Jamstik+, then select either “Just Once” or “Always.” If you select “Always”, you won’t get that menu popping up every time you plug your Jamstik into that particular device.

The app should then open up, and you’ll be ready to play!


To navigate through our app, check out the "Getting Started" videos (links are also available within the jamstik+ App Settings menu).  You will also be able to use some other MIDI compatible apps on Google Play store with this method.


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