Q: MIDI Sounds

The jamstik is a MIDI controller at its core which means that the device outputs MIDI messages to the receiving device + software (such as the jamstik+ app or an app like GarageBand) translates these codes into sounds. To get started with your jamstik+, please read the  Getting Started Overview.

In addition to standard guitar sounds, there is a large variety of other sounds available in many MIDI-based apps and Software. Check out Apps That Are Compatible With The Jamstik+


jamstik+ App

The jamstik+ app official companion app designed to establish your iPad/iPhone connection to the jamstik+(2nd Generation Bluetooth) device. Within the app you can change a variety of setting such tuning, D-Pad shortcuts, picking sensitivity, sounds and more!
There are a variety of sound patches to choose for your jamstik+ including synthesizers, acoustic, bass, orchestral and more with new sounds always getting added to the library.
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