What Is the Difference Between the Puc and the Puc+?

PUC+ 2nd Generation (Bluetooth)

  1. Uses the Apple Bluetooth MIDI connectivity software, made available in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite for devices that support Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0.) Plenty of MDI apps already support it, and the puc+ app for iOS or OS X are also available.
  2. MIDI 5-pin DIN
  3. The BLE also adds the ability to connect multiple jamstik+'s to a device simultaneously.
  4. The Micro USB connection serves as a simultaneous MIDI In AND MIDI Out for Class Compliant USB MIDI controllers (i.e. MIDI controllers that don’t require a driver for operation with your device.)
  5. Internally powered by two AA batteries.
  6. Uses Apple’s Bluetooth MIDI connectivity software which allows for multiple simultaneous Bluetooth MIDI connections.

PUC 1st Generation (WIFI)

  1. Uses WiFi (via the ZFi driver for OS X or the PUC app for iOS.)as it's connection method. The driver or app are required to run in the background for wireless operation.
  2. MIDI 5-pin DIN.
  3. The Micro USB connector only serves as an optional connection to an external power supply (like a phone charger.)
  4. Internally powered by two AA batteries.

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