Using the Accelerometer

With the introduction of Firmware Upgrade 5.0 comes access to the accelerometer!

An accelerometer is a device that measures acceleration or "g-force".

This means we can control musical expression with our movement.

The Bluetooth version of the Jamstik+ is equipped with an accelerometer and our latest firmware upgrade turns it ON!

Step 1: Open the Accelerometer Tab

2. Next, enable the Accelerometer with the Toggle Button.

3. Use the indicator on the bottom left of the screen to see how much effect is being applied.

From here, use our defaults provided (recommended) - or for advanced users, customize them yourself.  

4. Use the [-] , [+] and the Set button, to commit the angles you desire.

5. Your MIDI Controller Number sets what type of messages are sent.  For example, MIDI CC# 1 is Modulation.  Here are a list of generic MIDI Control Change numbers.


Keytars have been using tech like this for years, and now its time for guitar players to have a chance! The accelerometer works great in apps like GarageBand, Logic Pro X, FL Studio and other compatible apps for advanced applications, but can be used easily with our provided defaults.  

If you find some cool ways to incorporate this into your songs or performance, share it with us via social media!

Accelerometer Pitch Angle (-90 to 90) for value 0 - This is the angle that is set to make the Jamstik+ send zero messages.  As you move away from this position you will see incoming messages.

Accelerometer Pitch Angle (-90 to 90) for value 127 - This is an example position setting the accelerometer pitch angle at "127" (seen below). 







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