Configuring Hammer on Mode

With the Firmware Upgrade to version 5.034 comes new functionality of Hammer On Mode.  

Here are your controls and their definitions:


Enable Hammer Ons - This switch will toggle Hammer Ons to be active or inactive.  When it is positioned to OFF, Hammer On Mode will disabled.  The jamstik+ comes default with this turned on after the update to firmware 5.034.


Hammer On Timer x 10 milliseconds - The amount of time Hammer Ons / Pull Offs are allowed to occur after a note is played.  This function will reset after each note is triggered.


Hammer On Velocity On/Off - This setting normalizes the volume of HO and POs.  Tries to determine intent based on speed of your fingers.  We recommend to leave this ON.

 Happy Playing!

- Mike


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