How to Update Your Jamstik's Firmware




  • Matt Dilliplane

    I connected and updated the firmware three times now, or so I thought. The first time I clicked update, it finished, I disconnected and assumed it was updated successfully. I did this while at work, in a hotel,  through the application, when I first received it. Figured I would check again today since it's been a little bit and I'm a stickler about installing updates when they're available (programmer.) I left it untouched on the table, it had finished updating, and then said to not turn it off until the yellow light stops blinking. Fair enough, I have a blinking green light so I figure that's what you're talking about. Anyway, it shut itself off so I didn't have to worry about it...or maybe I do after all? Your instructions could be a little more clear but OK. So it's telling me it's updated and I figure what the heck, let me check again to make sure it recognizes the new firmware. Nope, tells me there is an update available. I refresh the page and try it again and now it says that my jamstik+ is too old for the new firmware. I refresh again and it's back to telling me there's an update available, so I click on it again and here we are waiting for it to finish. Did my power save settings turn off the jamstik or does it shut off when it's finished updating? If all else fails I can do it again too, what the heck I'll figure it out eventually. I have time, it's not like I can play the thing to it's full potential anyway without buying a second phone with iOS or carting around my computer (which defeats the purpose of buying it for travel.) I know, it's not your fault. I bought it without reading into your deceptive "Now supports Android" post and I'm an instant gratification impulse buyer.

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  • Dwayne Bailey

    I'm attempting to update my firmware, but it's not allowing me to begin the process. I've got the Jamstik+ attached to my MacBook Pro (macOS Catalina 10.15.5) via a USB-C hub. When I navigate to using Chrome (Version 83.0.4103.116), it shows the connected device (Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar 2.02, Installed Firmware: 5.82), and shows Available Firmware: 2.02. I know that 2.02 is way less than 5.82, but I'm assuming the numbering scheme just changed, and that 2.02 is in fact newer.

    Anyway, below that "Available Firmware" text is "0%" and a warning to keep the jamstik connected while updating. However, it never actually does the update. It just sits there for a while until the jamstik turns itself off.

    I DID look at the browser console, and saw several error messages - things like "Syntax Error: Unexpected token '<' cordova.js:1" (and chordictionary.min.js), "Chordictionary is already defined", and some 'Uncaught Promise' errors


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  • Charles

    I have a MacBook Pro running OS X catalina and I am having a lot of trouble connecting my Jamstik studio. 

    1. I cannot connect the device via the provided usb cable (Note: I am not using a usb c charger, I am using the provided cable in the box). When I attempt to connect via usb c, I receive no midi data and Logic Pro nor Jamstik creator software sees the device. I cannot even connect to the firmware updater portal to update the device to hopefully fix the issue

    2. I can connect via BLE using audio midi device setup on my Mac, however, the second I open Logic Pro, the device disconnects.

    The Jamstik really is an amazing playing experience but the connection bugs really need to be worked out.

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