Step 4. Updating Your jamstik+ with New Firmware

Q: What is firmware?

A: The basic definition of Firmware is the programming inside the main chip that makes the jamstik run. Firmware updates can be used to add functionality, fix bugs, and add fine-tune the performance of the device. You've probably updated your iPhone or iPad before, from version 7 to 8, or 8 to 9. It's the same idea with the jamstik+, it's always getting better!

Q: Why do we need to update firmware for the Jamstik+?

A: It is always in your best interest to be updated to the latest firmware.  With any hardware product, there is the possibility of a bug showing up that couldn't have been caught even with the long-term internal testing of the device.  As reports and feedback come in, we're able to fix issues and remedy them for the end-user with a fairly simple update. When things are smooth sailing, we'll even have the chance to add functionality and features that provide for a richer playing experience. 

*As mentioned, sometimes it's necessary to update your firmware right out of the box, as updates can happen after the manufacturing process.

What's new? Jamstik+ Firmware 5.0

Q: How to update your firmware: (internet connection required)

A: If a firmware update is available, the JS+ App will prompt you to update your firmware as pictured below:

- Select the "Important firmware update" button

- Firmware update will proceed

- Once completed your Jamstik+ will power off

- Power on your Jamstik+ 

- Reconnect & enjoy your new Firmware!

***Mobile App updates require iOS 9.2***

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