Step 3. Connect to iPhone, iPad, Mac & Android via Bluetooth

It's time to get connected!

Watch the videos or follow the steps below to make the Bluetooth connection between the jamstik+ and your device.
Connecting to iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth
*Remember, you will not connect using the standard Bluetooth menu, the connection is made in the jamstik+ app.

  1. Download the official jamstik+ companion app, "Here"
  2. Ensure Battery is installed and turn on your jamstik+
  3. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your Apple Device
  4. Turn on your jamstik+ by pressing the power button
  5. Wait for the red LED to pulse an amber color (This may take up to 15 seconds - pulsing amber light indicates Bluetooth is ready to be paired)
  6. Open the jamstik+ App
  7. Click on, "+ Select a jamstik+" in the top left corner
  8. Click your jamstik+ to get connected (The LED should turn GREEN indicating it has paired successfully)
  9. Finally, the jamstik+ will perform a quick communication with our App shown by a loading animation.  When finished, your jamstik+ ID # will appear in the top left corner of the screen.

You may want to connect over Bluetooth to other apps like GarageBand.  Here's a quick video showing you how to accomplish this.


Connecting to Mac over Bluetooth

You can download our Mac Apps below, then read on:

Jamstik+ for Mac (Beta)

JamTutor for Mac (Beta)

JamMix for Mac (Beta)

  1. Let’s connect your jamstik+ to your Mac. 
  2. Start by pressing the power button on your jamstik+.
  3. With Bluetooth turned on, launch the AudioMIDI Setup application in the Utilities folder. 
  4. If not already visible, select “Show MIDI Studio” from the Window drop-down menu.
  5. Double-click the Bluetooth icon.
  6. The jamstik+ has an 8 digit ID that starts with JS, select your jamstik ID and then select “Connect."
  7. Once connected the status LED of the jamstik+ will change to green, and the Bluetooth Discovery pane will change the “connect” button to “disconnect.” The jamstik+ is now connected via Bluetooth to the Mac.
  8. We’ll play a chord in Logic Pro X to confirm. Yes, we’re connected.


  1. Plug the mini-USB charging cable into your jamstik.
  2. Connect the USB to a port on your Mac.
  3. Power on your jamstik.
  4. Your jamstik should instantly be recognized as a midi device.

*Your machine may message that it is installing plug-n-play drivers. Please wait for this process to finish before using your jamstik+.

Try it out with Garage Band, or other MIDI-capable music software. Please note - at this time the jamstik+ apps are not available on PC.

Connecting to Android via Bluetooth.

  1. Download & install the jamstik+ app from the Google play store
  2. Enable Bluetooth & location services (required for MIDI over Bluetooth connection)
  3. Launch the jamstik+ app
  4. Select the bluetooth icon in the upper left-hand corner of the app
  5. Select your jamstik's serial ID in the bluetooth drop down menu
  6. Select an app in the app carousel
  7. Select a sound & have fun!

Having problems connecting to a compatible Android device? In the event that your jamstik was built prior to Android support, you will have to update your firmware in order to connect, initially.

See this article for more information: Can't connect?

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