What's New? jamstik (WiFi) Firmware 5+


These last few months have been very busy in our engineering department!  We have been working on adding functionality in addition to fixing many features of old. Don't forget if you're having problems upgrading your jamstik (WiFi)


Hammer-On Mode

- Improved Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs, and Slides

- Configurable, read the tutorial here. 


Sustain Mode

- Available on the Custom Settings (HTML Page)


Maximum MIDI Velocity

- Lower or raise (max 127) your default Max velocity for a played note.


String Bend Improvements

- Added some more sensitivity to String Bend.  Will be improving this more in the next update.


Disable MIDI Velocity (all max)

- This feature removes the velocity calculation and sends all 127 velocity notes for every note triggered.  This is useful when tracking drums or when you do not want dynamics.


Starting MIDI Channel

- This feature allows you to "set" the HIGH E to a specific MIDI channel.  The other strings will follow accordingly. By default, it is 0.  MIDI channels are 0-5, one for each string.

Ex. If Start Midi Channel is set to 3 your MIDI Channels will look like this:

MIDI Chan 3 = High e

MIDI Chan 4 = B

MIDI Chan 5 = G

MIDI Chan 6 = D

MIDI Chan 7 = A

MIDI Chan 8 = Low E


Optimized jamstik+ Defaults

- After updating, HO Mode is set to default.

- Fixed some performance settings

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