How to Adjust Picking Sensitivity for Jamstik+

To change settings on your jamstik+ you will first need to download the jamstik+app for your iPhone, iPad, Or Mac.

The jamstik+ app is the official companion app designed to establish your iPad/iPhone connection to the jamstik device.

Once you have the app installed on your device, connect your jamstik.( How to connect you your Mac via Bluetooth, How to connect to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth) When your jamstik+ is connected you now have the ability to modify settings of the jamstik to your choosing. (See How To Navigate The jamstik+ App)

To adjust the sensitivity of the strings clicks on the lower right-hand corner of your screen on the guitar pick with the gear. Here is where you can set trigger and boost values by changing the preset or by modifying each individual string.

Trigger Values:

Lower trigger values mean more sensitive pick detection, while higher values will require stronger plucks to register input.

Boost Values:

Additive MIDI volume values to compensate for "light" picking.

Picking Presets:

These are the values we found worked best. Blue contains the values for a very sensitive threshold at which a pick action still creates a midi note while. Red contains values for a threshold that requires stronger plucks to register input

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