What's New? jamstik+ Firmware

Hey Jamstik Users!  Here is the revision log for the JS+ firmware versions. Always remember to update your jamstik+ app and the firmware whenever available.


Firmware 5.068 - 5.082

Optimization and Bug fixes

- Performance fixes (6-10ms savings in latency!)

- Updated BLE chipset firmware 

- Accelerometer optimization

Firmware 5.033 + 5.055

Hammer-On Mode v2.0

- Improved Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs, and Slides

- Configurable and available in the Settings Menu


Accelerometer Access!

- Programmable MIDI Controller Numbers

- Accelerometer Output Threshold 

- Configurable Angles 


Latency Fixes

- Decreased picking latency


String Bend Improvements

- Added some more sensitivity to String Bend.  Will be improving this more in the next update.


Optimized jamstik+ Defaults

- After updating, HO Mode is set to default.

- Fixed some triggers and performance settings


Firmware 4.049

Sustain Mode
- This will help you accomplish legato passages, and let the notes ring into one another. This mode will allow the notes to ring freely. All notes played will continue to sound until the "String-Holdout Time" ceases.

LED Bootup Sequence
- Changed LED startup sequences to add more flashing of the red to indicate that the jamstik+ is thinking and validating data. Read a more detailed article on LED States here!

LED Dimmed
- Reduced brightness of the green LED when you are connected

Lefty Support Optimization
- If you ordered a left-handed jamstik+ from us, we flipped the trigger values in software and play-tested to ensure consistency.


Firmware 4.011

Added D-Pad Shortcuts

- RIGHT + LEFT = Soft Reset (capo/octave reset)

- UP + DOWN = Tap Mode Toggle On/Off


Optimized Volume Boosts and Triggers


Additional support for Multiple bluetooth jamstik+'s to your device


Updated Fingerboard Accuracy

Added Tap Mode (Momentary) in D-Pad Configuration
- A great feature that allows you to program Tap Mode to a specific button while holding it down. An office favorite is to hook it up to the mute button - easily switch in between styles while continuing to play!

Added (Beta) Hammer-On in the settings menu
- Our first installment of a Hammer-On experience besides Tap Mode. Stay tuned for new updates as this is still in beta-development!

Added Maximum Velocity in the settings menu
- Some compatible apps attach specific samples to notes with 127 velocity and we have given you a setting to change that if desired.

Added Manual Transposition and Tuning in the setting menu
- Incrementally change each strings tuning by to whatever notes you want! (+1/-1 = half-step/semi-tone)

Added Tutor-Mode support
- Upon opening our app JamTutor - your jamstik+ will automatically snap back to standard tuning, capo, octave, and disable features that interfere with gameplay.

Added Custom Tunings Ukulele and 6 String Bass



Also don't forget with if you ever want to bring back your jamstik+ to the factory defaults just go into Settings > Reset to Defaults and re-boot the jamstik, or Hold down the Power Button for about 30 seconds until you see a flashing red light.

Feel free to ask us any questions, just submit a ticket at our Help Center!




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