Getting Started - Overview


First of all, congratulations on your purchase, and thank you for being a customer!

You are part of a new movement, and you're here for one of two reasons. 

1. To learn guitar in a brand new, 21st century way.
2. To take playing the guitar FURTHER.

*If you are getting started with the original jamstik (wifi) please read on here

*If you are getting started on Android with the jamstik+ please read on here

Either way, you're in good company! 

This page will serve as an index. You may read each article one after the other, or go ahead and choose the step that you would like more help with!

  1. Things to Know & Product Registration
  2. Download Jamstik Apps and Software
  3. How to Connect your jamstik+ to iPhone, iPad or Mac via Bluetooth
  4. Updating Your jamstik+ with New Firmware
  5. Additional Help and Connecting with Us.

You can either Submit a Ticket or Send Us an Email. Thanks!

Up Next - Step 2. Download jamstik+ Apps and Software

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