Q: What Is the Difference Between the Jamstik+ and the Original Jamstik?

jamstik+ 2nd Generation (Bluetooth)

  1. The addition of BLE wireless connectivity. It's a breeze to connect and only requires powering up your jamstik+ and tapping a few buttons to pair with your devices. Because BLE uses less power than WIFI, battery life is also slightly improved.
  2. The jamstik+ has a magnetic pickup. It can sense pick actions with greater fidelity for a more dynamic feel that's close to a real guitar. The processing is even faster as well, and the simplified mechanical engineering makes it even more durable.
  3. The BLE also adds the ability to connect multiple jamstik+'s to a device simultaneously.
  4. The jamstik+ also features a more accessible, "tap mode" for soloing, as well as hammer-on mode, accessible from the settings menu.
  5. On the app side, we have redesigned the companion jamstik+ app to be more user friendly when adjusting performance settings, tunings, d-pad controls etc. The jamstik+ is also compatible with our partner app from Musopia, FourChords Guitar Karaoke.
  6. Compatible with jamTutor 1 and 2 and jamMix.
  7. Left-Handed available.
jamstik 1st Generation (WIFI)

  1. The original jamstik uses WIFI to connect, which limits the ability to browse the web or download apps while connected but still provides an excellent low latency wireless connection.
  2. Compatible with jamTutor 1 and 2 and jamMix.

If you have other questions, you can always email us at support@zivix.net, Thanks!

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