Q: Does the Jamstik+ Work with Yousician for iPad & iPhone

Yousician is a great guitar learning app, and we often get questions about using the jamstik+ with this software. 

The short answer is that, yes, it does work, but there are some things to keep in mind. 

1. Yousician will use the microphone of your device to detect guitar notes, so we recommend using an external speaker plugged in via an audio cable. 

2. Yousician does NOT detect MIDI notes or connect to your jamstik, so it won't sense your finger position BEFORE you strum like we do in the jamTutor apps. 

3. For the most part, the beginner challenges in Yousician can be played with the 5 frets of the jamstik+, but further along and with some full song challenges, it will require you to capo up with the D-Pad to play along, which can be a bit difficult.

*Note we are not official partners with Yousician and offer this article for informational purposes only. Please let us know how your experiences have been or if you would be interested in a further integration.

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