Does the Wifi Puc or Puc+ Require Any Special Software for iOS, or OSx?

The WIFI puc currently uses two wireless protocols for connectivity to iOS, OSX, or PC. The first is RTPMIDI which is a standard connection protocol for using MIDI in a networked platform. The puc can connect via RTPMIDI without the use of any additional software. The second protocol the puc can use for connectivity is our proprietary Z-Fi code. Z-Fi is something Zivix developed for better MIDI and wireless performance, and currently, it’s only available for iOS via the use of our puc Connect app on the iTunes app store (LINK). Z-Fi drivers are currently being developed for OSX and Windows and should be available soon.

Puc+ does not require special software when connecting to iOS or OS X. Because the puc+ uses Apple’s Bluetooth MIDI connectivity in iOS 8.2+ and OS X Yosemite all of the required discovery and connection is available in the operating system. However, a puc+ app is in the works to help handle firmware updates and toggling the 5-pin port between Input and Output modes.

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