Q: But does it Djent?

It is possible to emulate "Djent" with the Jamstik+ with the right sound engine & enough tone tweaking. However, we'd recommend to leave the Djenting to your ERG's & using the Jamstik to track the Djenty-MIDI ambiance, synth, bass, drums, commonly associated with the genre. 

Besides being able to tune up or down +/- 2 octaves, a built in accelerometer allows you to control & map to any MIDI CC message by the angle of the Jamstik. It also proves to be a good solution to the "Point & Click" piano roll MIDI entry method when creating ambiance, synth, drum or key style tracks for djent-style backing tracks.

With that being said, djent does not come easy...or cheap. Any good djent tone on the Jamstik is going to require ample time, patience, research and money to procure a truly djent sound.

In order to djent on the Jamstik, you will want the following:

- A Jamstik+

- Device (BLE 4.0 compatible, or hardwired via USB for non-BLE compatible devices)

- DAW or APP (That allows you to edit your tone-ADSR)

- External Speakers ***(Optional)***

Techniques such as palm-mute or dead notes are possible with the Jamstik. It is up to the sound engine to recognize and interpret the Jamstik's MIDI messages which is a new frontier to be explored and developed. The platform and sound engine you djent on determines the outcome of your experience as you will have more access to further parameters given the software you choose to pair your Jamstik with so choose wisely!

Thank you for your interest in djenting on the "Djamstik" pioneering an exciting new age of music creation with us!

Happy djenting!

- Mick 

- The Jamstik Team


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