Pro Tips and Tricks with the Jamstik+

In product development we are always beta-testing improved features and finding new ways to create music with the jamstik.  Check out features in our latest firmware release here.  The possibilities are endless when you fuse software development and the music community.  We can change the way music is performed and composed!

Using programs like Logic Pro X and Ableton, you can use the jamstik+ as mobile music machine. Here are some essentials when playing the jamstik using the js+ app and 3rd party apps:



  • Use the D-Pad Frequently - Get used to using the D-Pad to control your octave, digital capo, and enabling Tap Mode.  The commands are fully customizable within our jamstik+ App and make navigation easy.  Also works well with the MIDI Learn function. Full article located here.



  • Enable / Disable Hammer-Ons - In the latest firmware release we set the default for Hammer-On Mode to be ON. If you want more accurate tracking in your DAW, try turning this mode OFF.  You can do this via Jamstik+ App > Settings We are constantly improving this mode - so check back for updates.


  • Explore the world of Compatible Apps - There are so many great apps out there that have amazing synthesizers, drum samples, and other sounds that work fantastic with the jamstik+.  There are tons of free and paid apps out there, so we encourage you to check them out!  Some of our favorites are located on the Compatible Apps Page.


Expect some more articles in the future diving deep into other pro features like the accelerometer!  We are just getting warmed up.  With all of these tools available to us musicians, we are bound to create some amazing music with the jamstik+ and our mobile devices.


Happy playing, 

- Mike 




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