Introduction to Tap Mode

One of the most expressive features of the jamstik+ is Tap Mode.  Essentially it triggers a full velocity Note ON message when finger makes full contact with the fret desired.  In Tap Mode you can hammer-on, pull-off, slide, and two-hand tap.

There are two ways to enable Tap Mode on your jamstik+:

Tap Mode - How to activate and use tap mode with the jamstik+ from Jamstik on Vimeo.

In the jamstik+ app lives a check-box from where you can toggle Tap Mode ON/OFF.

Most of the Combo D-Pad Commands are universally accepted by 3rd party apps (i.e. Garageband or Sampletank).

Tap Mode Momentary: By default the ENTER button is 'Momentary Tap Mode' - which means by simply holding ENTER down you will be in Tap Mode until released.

 Re-Assigning Tap Mode:  In addition to the other commands you can customize to your D-Pad, you are also allowed to attach Tap Mode to any button you wish.  One popular configuration is assigning the Mute Button.  

Using Tap Mode in context:  When composing tracks that are melody driven, we recommend trying this mode - the string-bend/vibrato and legato-like passages track well.  It also works great for percussion tracks, lead style playing, and bass tracks. 





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