Q: Does jamstik+ work with Windows PC?

A: Yes, the jamstik+ is able to act as a MIDI controller with some PC computers to control VST's and sound fonts when paired with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) connected via USB. Latency may vary.

Please note that our Tutor apps are NOT currently on the Windows platform.

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How to connect to a PC via USB:

- Turn on Jamstik>Plug-in Jamstik via USB>
- Open DAW>File>Preferences>MIDI options menu>
- Select a track
- Select a sound font / VST
- Play!

- If you are experiencing latency experiment with your sample & buffer rates to find the optimal setting for your device

- This is a bit more involved & open-ended "Sandbox" type experience, so it is recommended for the MIDI familiar users!

- Since the cable provided with the Jamstik+ was intended for charging purposes, we strongly recommend using a Hi-speed USB cable for the best-hardwired performance!

Have fun & happy jamming,

- The Jamstik Team

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