What to Do in Case of a Failed Firmware Update!

A complete reset of your jamstik, device & re-installation of the Jamstik+ App, will fix a failed firmware update!

Follow these steps below: 

1. Reset your jamstik+

(Start with the Jamstik powered on)

Hold down the power button > LED will turn off > Wait for the LED to rapidly flash red > Release power button (Jamstik will power off)

2. Delete and Re-install your jamstik+ Apps from the App Store. 

3. Re-boot your device (iPad, iPhone, etc.) 

4. Power back on your jamstik+ and reconnect to the jamstik+ App

(Wait for LED to start pulsing amber/orange, takes 30 seconds) > Connect to Jamstik+ app > Update your firmware > jamstik+ will power off when completed > Power on and re-connect > Enjoy!

**(Firmware updates can take up to 30 mins, so it's best to find something to occupy your time during the update)**

Notes: If you have had MULTIPLE failed updates (ex. reaches a certain % and freezes.) STILL, try this method. UNLESS YOU HAVE iOS9 PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE: Official iOS 9 statement 

The upgrade from 3.081 to 4.049 has significant changes in it and requires a large amount of re-programming in:

  • Bluetooth module communication
  • Firmware upgrading stabilization
  • Feature implementation

Please contact us via ticket submission if you are still having problems, we will get back to you ASAP and walk you through.  Thanks, everyone!

All the best,

- The Jamstik Support Team

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