Q: Is the Jamstik+ Available in Lefty Mode, or Made for Lefties?

The jamstik+ (Bluetooth Model) is available for left-handed players! 

During checkout, please make sure to select your hand preference to ensure you get the right model for you.

While we do support lefty in our jamTutor and jamstik+ apps, please understand that we have not had a chance to fully optimize the Tutor apps, so the fretboard display will appear reversed. This can take some getting used to if you are in the market to learn to play, but it comes down to personal preference. 

Otherwise, as a MIDI controller, the lefty version works with GarageBand, Logic Pro, and other Apps as expected.

Unfortunately, the original (WiFi) jamstik will not support lefty mode, as it requires a reworking of the hardware, restringing, and special firmware only developed for the new model.  

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