D-Pad commands & "Hot Keys"

A very important feature of the jamstik+ is the D-Pad.  It is a highly programmable controller that allows for a lot of customization.  If your looking to simply switch octaves on the fly or trigger a sample this will be a useful tool for you.  The defaults for the D-Pad are the following: 

One-Push Commands

UP : Octave Up

DOWN: Octave Down

RIGHT: Capo Right +1 (half-step)

LEFT: Capo Left -1 (half-step)

ENTER (Hold) : Momentary Tap Mode

Combo Commands

UP + DOWN : Tap Mode Toggle On/Off

RIGHT + LEFT : Soft Reset (Defaults Capo and Octave)

ENTER + RIGHT : Single Channel Mode Toggle - Often used when using 3rd party apps that require a single channel MIDI input like Sample tank, Launchkey, etc.. more information on this can be found in the article: How to use 3rd party apps that require single channel MIDI

ENTER + LEFT : String Bend Toggle

ENTER + UP : Change Instrument +1 (Only in Jamstik+ App)

ENTER + DOWN : Change Instrument -1 (Only in Jamstik+ App)


On Customization:

Within the jamstik+ App you are able to re-program the buttons to do as you wish.  In the drop-down menus are lists of commands you can assign any button to; You can even re-purpose the mute-switch to a desired command.

Select a button you wish to modify and assign a function 

Some Popular Set-ups:

Assign MUTE Button to Momentary Tap Mode

Assign ENTER to Modulation Mode (2 phases)


MIDI Learn:

Some programs like Ableton Live! offer the MIDI Learn function, which will program a desired button to command within Ableton.  For example:  MIDI Learn can assign 'Play' to the RIGHT button, and Rewind to the LEFT button.  To finish the transport we can MIDI Learn program the ENTER button to be the 'Record' button.  These are some basic ideas of what you can do with the D-Pad.



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