Loss of Sound in 3rd Party Apps

The Jamstik is compatible with a wide range of apps and programs.
3rd party apps, such as Sample Tank, Launch key, and some DAW's (Digital audio workstations) may require a Single channel MIDI input.

If the jamstik is NOT in single channel mode, it may seem that it is malfunctioning or playing the wrong notes, some string may not sound at all; however, there is a simple solution for this

To change to "Single channel" from the "6 channel" default:

Press "ENTER+RIGHT" simultaneously on the D-pad

(This will toggle between the "6 channel" and "Single channel") 

You can also do this when connected via the "Jamstik+" app by clicking the "Single" channel mode in the mode boxes on the right-hand side. 

Below is a video detailing this process if you prefer to watch along.

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