How to Optimize Your Wifi Unit

First - Make sure you are up to date! 

Firmware Version - Go to your app "Jamstik Connect" and make sure there is no option for an upgrade. (Update if necessary)

Go to Jamstik Connect > My Jamstik > Advanced Tab > Jamstik info: Firmware Version 2.082 is the current.

Next, make sure you have the latest iOS Version 8.4 on your device.

Next up follow these steps:

1. Reboot iPad
2. Turn on jamstik
3. Connect to jamstik via WiFi by: "Settings">Wi-Fi>Select your Jamstik's WIFI network

4. Open Jamstik Connect

5. Go to "My Jamstik">"ToolBox" and you will see slider with "Picking Sensitivity"

6. Take the slider and move it all the way to the right-hand side to "Custom" - when you do that a Button will appear "Set custom"
7. This button takes you into the pick configuration page (lots of different perimeters to experiment with here!)
8. On the top menu - click "Configuration"

9. Two things to change here to increase performance (scroll down to find them or ctrl+f)

----> Send Keep Alive WiFi Packets > Turn to ENABLED

----> Fret Debounce Margin >Bring down to 1 or 2. (this lets the sensors scan the fret-board for note accuracy but adds a hair of latency - the results are very subtle, but it all helps in the end!)

Few things to keep in mind.
WiFi interference (if you have multiple devices around you)
Trigger Values in the Configuration Pages
Try different WiFi Channels

Some sample-based sounds may sound like they get "cut-off" if you are trying to play faster. Experiment with different sound-designs

Exit unused apps in the background or anything that would use additional memory!

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