Q: What Does the Led Boot-Up Sequence Mean?

The jamstik+ goes through a series of events during the start-up procedure. Here is a simple infographic to let you know whats going on!

The RED light is used when the jamstik+ is programming or validating data. You'll also see it if you do a hard reset (holding the power button for 30 seconds until flashing red).

The Amber light will pulse when the jamstik+ is looking for a device to connect to and is discoverable by your device(s).

The Green light indicates you are connected! With a solid green, you are connected to a mobile device (such as iPad) via Bluetooth. If the LED is blinking green, you are connected through USB.

Flashing Red and Green means that your battery is low. Use a Micro-USB to USB cable (one is included) to charge your jamstik+ battery via a USB port or wall charger.

NOTE: After a firmware update, the first reboot of your jamstik+ will take up to 30 seconds before advertisement - the new firmware is being programmed.


  1. Turn on your jamstik+ (blinking red indicates validating data - this takes 15s)
  2. LED will pulse amber when ready to connect
  3. Open jamstik+ App
  4. Tap on "Select a jamstik+"
  5. Select your jamstik+ in the MIDI Device List
  6. Tap "Connect"
  7. When the jamstik+'s LED turns green, you're connected!


Happy Playing!

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