LED Boot-up Sequence

The jamstik+ goes through a series of events upon the start-up procedure:  So here is a simple infographic to let you know whats going on!

The RED light is used when the jamstik+ is programming or validating data.  Also if you do a hard reset (holding power button for 30 seconds until flashing red)

The Amber light will pulse when the jamstik+ is looking for a device to connect to and is discoverable by iOS and MAC devices.

The Green light indicates you are connected! With a solid green you are connected to a mobile device like iPad via Bluetooth.  If the LED is blinking green you are connected through USB.

Flashing Red and Green means that your battery is low and about to die!  Use a microUSB to USB cable to charge either in a USB port or wall-charger.

NOTE: After a firmware update, the first re-boot of your jamstik+ will take up to 30 seconds before advertisement because of new firmware is being programmed.


  1. Turn on your jamstik+ (blinking red indicates validating data takes 15s)
  2. LED will pulse amber when ready to connect
  3. Open jamstik+ app
  4. Tap on "Select a jamstik+"
  5. Select your jamstik+ in the MIDI Device List
  6. Tap Connect
  7. When the jamstik+'s LED turns green you're connected!
  8. Tap away, and allow the jamstik+ to finish loading it's data before use.


Happy Playing!

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