Q: Can I use the Jamstik+ with my BLE 4.0 incompatible device?

Yes, You are able to connect to your BLE 4.0 incompatible device connected via a hardwired USB!

The following devices are NOT compatible with jamstik+ wireless Bluetooth LE (4.0) connectivity.

  1. iPad2 or earlier 
  2. iPhone4 or earlier
  3. iMac pre 2013
  4. Mac MINI pre 2012
  5. MacbookPro pre 2013
  6. MacBookAir pre 2011 
  7. MacPro mid 2013

To check if your mac is compatible, check this article.

*Wireless BLE connectivity is not available for PC or Android at this time.

If you have one of these devices listed above you can still connect the jamstik+ with USB cable:

  1. iPad2 - 30pin Camera connection kit w/USB
  2. iPhone4 - 30pin Camera connection kit w/USB
  3. MACs - USB cable
  4. PC - USB cable
  5. Android devices - USB cable (Latency may vary)

*The jamstik+ is a standard USB MIDI controller and will connect to any device or platform that accepts USB MIDI INPUT

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