Q: Can I Use the Jamstik+ with My Ble 4.0 Incompatible Device?

Yes, You are able to connect to your BLE 4.0 incompatible device connected via a hardwired USB!

The following devices are NOT compatible with jamstik+ wireless Bluetooth LE (4.0) connectivity.

  1. iPad2 or earlier 
  2. iPhone4 or earlier
  3. iMac pre-2013
  4. Mac MINI pre-2012
  5. MacbookPro pre-2013
  6. MacBookAir pre-2011 
  7. MacPro mid-2013

To check if your mac is compatible, check this article.

*Wireless BLE connectivity is not available for PC or Android at this time.

If you have one of these devices listed above you can still connect the jamstik+ with USB cable:

  1. iPad2 - 30pin Camera connection kit w/USB
  2. iPhone4 - 30pin Camera connection kit w/USB
  3. MACs - USB cable
  4. PC - USB cable
  5. Android devices - USB cable (Latency may vary)

*The jamstik+ is a standard USB MIDI controller and will connect to any device or platform that accepts USB MIDI INPUT

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