Resolve wrong notes

When it comes to Midi transmission, native mode for the Jamstik is 6 channels. Sometimes certain patches or apps only respond to Ch. 1 input, and you may have inadvertently switched to the other midi-channel mode. 

Let's try switching to single channel mode.

To do this- press and hold "Enter" on the Jamstik and press the "Right" button on the D-Pad to switch Midi out from 6 channel to single channel mode.

If you want to go back to 6 channel repeat the same steps.

Here is a video clip with similar instructions. .

If this does not solve your issues, you can perform a, "hard reset" of the Jamstik detailed here - hard reset instructions

*note - it is also important to keep your fingers clear of the fretboard when powering up your jamstik, as they can interfere with the initial calibration of the frets. 

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