Resolve Z-Fi - connection issues

1. Ensure Zfi has been installed

First, make sure after you download Zfi Device Setup Utility, that you doubleclick the pkg. to install it.

2. Restart Audio/Midi Setup.

If you having issues with seeing your device show up after you have connected to it's WiFi, there could be an issue with Audio/Midi Setup, and it helps to play it safe and simply restart this application.

3. Ensure your USB connection is not interfering with the WiFi connection

It is important to understand the differentiation in Audio/Midi Setup of how your Jamstik connection will show up. 

The ZFI connection will have your unique Jamstik identifier as seen below as MyJamstikABA8.  A USB connection via the wire will show up as simply, "JamStik" default.  

If you are seeing the Jamstik Icon with the name, "jamstik" that means you are connected via the USB port, not over WiFi. Sometimes being connected over USB will prevent you from connecting over Wifi, so make sure to unplug your cable, restart Audio/Midi setup, and check again to see if your unique WiFi midi connection resumes.

If problems persist, perform a MIDI Device-reset by following these steps:

1. Open Audio/Midi Setup in your Utilities Folder

2. Click 'Window' on the drop-down menu, and click 'Show MIDI Studio'

3. You should see your Jamstik icon like the pictures above in the window

4. Highlight your Jamstik icon, and click Remove Device

5. Rescan MIDI for new devices

6. Click on Jamstik icon and connect


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