An introduction to legato mode (WIFI)

In guitar playing 'legato' is a term used to describe both a musical articulation and a specific technique-playing musical phrases with predominantly hammer-ons or pull-offs instead of picking.  
adverb & adjective
     1. in a smooth, flowing manner, without breaks between notes.
This is a fundamental part of playing a stringed instrument, and we don't think that digital MIDI controllers should be excluded from the party.  Thanks to our great customers and support crew, we have decided to reach out and hold a real "public beta-test".  Although this is still in development, try this at home and keep checking back for updates!
To access the 'Legato Mode':  Hold down the ENTER button, and place your left hand on the fret-board.  You are now in Legato Mode!  You can hammer-on, pull-off, slide, and trill while holding down the ENTER button.  Currently there is a short buffer for activation, meaning if you are not hearing any sound right away. Wait a few seconds and then check each string by sliding up and down the fret-board.  This is to ensure the IR Sensors are seeing your fingers correctly.  
If you want to test out and see what our IR sensors do visually, open up Jamstik Connect or JamTutor and select OPEN PLAY.  This will give you a FretDisplay, and you can see what our sensors are really looking at in real-time.
This will not be the final iteration of the feature, but we would like as many of you as possible to play with it, and comment on the accuracy, feel, and preference for mode activation. 
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