Our newest firmware update for PUC supports transmitting MIDI IN or OUT via 5-pin DIN (MIDI cable). The signal is mono-directional meaning one direction (IN or OUT) at a time. IN or OUT refers to the direction of MIDI being transmitted to and from the 5-pin DIN port. 

Settings: The PUC can be set to either IN / OUT via PUC connect App (iPhone, iPad), OR the HTML Diagnostics page, via Safari / Chrome by typing in into the address bar while connected over WiFi(iPhone, iPad, MAC).

Signal flow:

1. MIDI (IN): MIDI source / controller > MIDI out via cable > PUC MIDI 5-pin port > WIFI > iPhone, iPad, MAC *Data is transmitted from a external controller connected IN to the PUC via MIDI cable. Data is then transmitted via PUC / WIFI to the iPad, iPhone or MAC. 

2. MIDI (OUT): iPhone, iPad, MAC > WIFI > PUC 5-pin MIDI port > MIDI Cable > External controller MIDI INPUT *Data is transmitted from iPhone, iPad or MAC via PUC / OUT via MIDI cable into a external MIDI device 5-pin INPUT. 

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