How to resolve cut-off notes

Depending on your Configuration Settings and/or technique, there have been cases of users experiencing the LOW E string suddenly cutting out after a strong attack of the pick.  

If you are running into this issue try this!

First, lets get to the HTML Custom Config Page

(if you are running on a MAC and not a mobile device watch this video to get to the page

1) On your iPad or iPhone get to the 'Toolbox' Screen in Jamstik Connect.


2) Click on 'Set Custom..' underneath the Picking Sensitivity Bar.  This will bring you to the HTML Custom Config Page

3) On the top menu, choose 'Picking Configuration'

4) Scroll down to the button called 'Filters' and click it.

5) Under the 'Filter Configuration Screen' you will see each string labeled by their note name and string number (Ex. 2nd String B), and perimeters to adjust below.

Find the 'DELTA' Filter and adjust this number to 5, just like I did in the picture.


With that change, your LOW E should not suffer anymore!

Please give us feedback if this fixes your problem, and stay tuned for more Custom Settings to give you the best Jamstik experience.


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