Does the original WiFi Jamstik support left handed players?




  • M Lewin

    I want to cast a vote for a left-handed Jamstik+. If it existed today, I'd buy it, and I'm certain I'm not the only one.

  • Matt

    Likewise, I was just about to click the Buy button (for real) when I thought about the implications of being a leftie who wants to learn how to play guitar. Sounds like the current model is not a good choice for anyone who is left handed. I would definitely buy a left handed Jamstik if the price were comparable to the current model.

  • John Lancaster

    Same here. I have been looking for a guitar to travel with for ages and this hits the mark. I would definitely buy a left handed model as soon as you are in production. I also nearly hit the button to buy thinking I could just flip the strings but luckily I thought to check first.

  • Rob Smith

    I have been told that there were plans to develop a left handed version back before the regular Jamstik was created. Now the the next gen Jamstik is going to be released and still no leftie version. I am so disappointed. It certainly does not take this long to develop or change the design. Certainly there was enough time to develop the next gen Jamstik. I have been patiently waiting and have held off buying a left handed guitar as I truly believe in this company and was really excited. Please don't disappoint me...

  • Mark Leslie

    Some initial minor criticisms after just a few minutes with my lefty JS+...

    -The strap doesn't work well. Since the keyholes are now at the 'bottom', the JS+ kinda flops over and faceplants into your lap.

    -It is v-e-r-y easy to to accidently turn the JS+ off when the Power button presses against your leg. The D-pad buttons however haven't seemed as prone to this problem.

    -The software (ver 1.2.21) doesn't seem to have any Lefty-friendly settings. (i.e. flipping the fretboard orientation / string layout, etc.)

    I'll reassess after I do the new software/firmware update and have had a few days to play around with it.

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