How to Connect Jamstik to iPad or iPhone (Wifi)

*This Article is for 1st Generation WIFI jamstiks. For 2nd generation Bluetooth (jamstik+) please refer to How To Connect The jamstik+ To iPad Or iPhone Using the Jamstik+ App

PDF Walkthrough

1. Download and open Jamstik Connect

2. Press the power button on your jamstik.  

*It's important to keep your fingers or other objects clear of the fretboard during startup.

3. The LED indicator above the power button will cycle through a series of rapid flashes. 

*Wait for the LED to reach a slow orange pulse.

4. Connect jamstik over WiFi.  Tap Settings > WiFi on your iOS device.

5. Select the network that starts with the name, "MyJamstik". 

*The numbers that appear after, "MyJamstik" are your unique serial number.

6. Return to the Jamstik Connect app.  It will automatically complete the connection to your jamstik.  *The LED indicator will pulse green when connected. 

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