Q: Does the jamstik have built-in sounds?


No, the jamstik outputs MIDI format note codes. The receiving device translates these codes into sounds. In addition to standard guitar sounds, there is a large variety of other sounds available on MAC and iOS devices.

Download the following apps for iOS:


Title: Jamstik Connect - iOS app store

Developer: Zivix LLC

Platform iOS - iPad, iPhone, iPod

This app serves as the bridge between your Jamstik and mobile device (iPad or iPhone) by establishing a midi-wifi connection to your device.

Jamstik Connect also monitors your jamstik for battery status, firmware* updates, and connection protocol selection. Basically, when you connect via WiFi; run this app, things will just, "Work".

Title: GarageBand

Developer: Apple

Platform iOS - iPad, iPhone, iPod

GarageBand for iOS is the most popular music creation app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. You can play, mix and record your own songs then share them with just a few taps.

For more compatible apps see Apps That Are Compatible With The Jamstik?

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