Q: What can I do with the jamstik?

  • Learn the fundamentals of guitar playing, and beyond.
  • Become familiar with guitar mechanics, picking styles, and more. 
  • Practice guitar quite literally anywhere your iPhone or iPad can go. 
  • Play without limits - Record into midi sequencers, customize your sound, sound like any instrument you want. 

The jamstik teaches guitar through the bundled jamTutor system where you can see your finger positions on screen to help correct right from wrong while experiencing interactive "fun" exercises to learn and play. The skills you learn on the jamstik translate directly to the full sized guitar. The jamstik works with Garage Band and hundreds of other music based MIDI apps. Learn to play, even if you already know how. 

Visit The Compatible Apps Library to see a list of a select group of apps you can control with the jamstik.  This small list results in over 1000 instrument sounds alone. 

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