Optimizing Performance in Sonar on Windows 10



Hey guys!

With our latest announcement of Cakewalk's SONAR software accepting BLE MIDI input - we had a bunch of questions from users on how to adjust performance inside of their app.  One of the main things we have noticed in most DAW's (Logic, Protools, REAPER, SONAR, etc) is that they have their buffer size a fairly large number by default.  Remember that as we reduce the buffer rate, we reduce latency of our Bluetooth instrument - but this also effects our audio processing differently, so we want to find a balance without any creating any jitter or crackles in the audio playback.  Here's a short walk-through to how to roll back this setting in SONAR.

1. After getting connected, go to Edit > Preferences


2. In Driver Settings > Buffer Size, you will see that by default this is set to 440 samples (latency 10ms)


3. Now, reduce your buffer size.  This will greatly help performance, but will put more workload on the computer.  If you hear any jitter or crackles during playback/recording, raise up the buffer size until this goes away.  Make sure when you are done tracking and start to mix your song that you raise this back up a bit higher as well.


This should help minimize any delay you should have.  Note:  Zivix is working on porting over a Windows build eventually to support configuration and settings.  Stay tuned for updates on our social platforms and website.  Thanks for reading and happy playing!  




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