How To Connect Jamstik+ to SONAR Platinum on Windows 10 via Bluetooth

We are very excited to announce the compatibility of Jamstik+ Bluetooth connection to Cakewalk's SONAR Recording Program.  Check out the blogpost we did here covering the announcement.  

Note:  This is the first DAW to seamless integrate BLE connection on Windows with the jamstik as a Bluetooth MIDI Controller.  Full Windows 10 support is still being developed by Zivix & Microsoft.  Expect more updates as our software gets updated - make sure your Windows 10 is up to date.

What you’ll need:


1. Enable Bluetooth on you PC

2. Power on the Jamstik+ - Hold the power button on the side of the Jamstik until the LED light is lit. Once the light pulses amber, the Jamstik+ is ready to pair.


3. Pair Jamstik to Windows 10 - Select the “Bluetooth Devices” icon.


4. Select “Add a Bluetooth Device”



5. Select your Jamstik and then click “Pair.”  Search for your Jamstik’s serial number in the menu of bluetooth devices.  Make sure it says “Connected” next to your Jamstik before you continue.


6. Open SONAR

7. Enable UWP Driver Mode in Preferences.  Before you Open a new project you will need to do this to enable Bluetooth MIDI device use. After you switch this hit APPLY and close the window.


8. Open/Start your project

9. Enable your MIDI Device In/Out Check-boxes in Preferences. Open the “Edit” dropdown menu at the top of the SONAR window, and select “Preferences…”


10. Select “Devices” from the left hand menu, check the box of your paired Jamstik+ for both “Inputs” as well as “Outputs”, and click “Apply”

11. Select your Soft-Synth. In this example we will go to Insert > Soft-Synth > Guitar > Strum


12. Inside Soft Synth Options for this example we will just click OK.


13. Arm the track and PLAY!



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