Getting Started with JamTutor

Congratulations on starting your musical journey!

The Jamstik+ is not only a powerful digital guitar but also acts as a rapid learning tool for beginning guitarists.  

Note: Inside of the jamstik+ box comes a Quick Start Guide for reference.  For Printable PDF click here.

gettngstart22.PNG gettngstart.PNG


Getting Started Learning with JamTutor

Download The Apps:

Let's begin by making sure you have all of the apps you need.  Start by downloading JamTutor 1 & 2 and Jamstik+ App from the App Store (or Google Play for Android users).  If you are running on a Mac click here.



Open JamTutor and Power ON your jamstik+:

Now that we have all of the apps on your device, launch JamTutor and it will bring you to this screen.  If you haven't already, make sure to turn on the jamstik+ by pressing the power button.

JamTutorHome2.PNG JamTutorHomeSS.PNG 

1) Tap '+ No Jamstik" and a menu will slide out.

2) Select "Connect jamstik+ Bluetooth+".

JamTutorConnect22.PNG JamTutorConnectLesson.PNG

3) Select your jamstik+ Serial number in the Bluetooth MIDI Device Menu (make sure your Bluetooth is enabled, and your JS+ is powered on!)

4) After you connect the LED on the jamstik will turn green.  From there tap on 'Lessons' and you're off to the first assignment!  Select the 'Getting Started' lesson and our app will show you the rest.


Happy Playing,

The Zivix Crew









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