How to Resolve Connection Issues with iOS 11

If you are still on iOS 10 or earlier, open the jamstik Connect app (while connected to the internet so the firmware can download) then connect your jamstik and you'll be prompted to update the firmware. You'll then be ready for iOS 11 once you have downloaded and installed the 64-bit app update!

If you HAVE updated to iOS 11 - you can update your firmware via our web tool here. You'll want to connect your WiFi jamstik via USB and open the link running Google Chrome.

Download the jamstik Connect App here (updated for iOS 11 Sept 30, 2017) and your WiFi jamstik will be playable on the latest OS, provided you've updated your firmware via the iOS 10 App or via our Web Updater.

Changes like these are why we must phase out support for certain products in order to focus on new versions that take advantage of updated devices & operating systems. iOS 11 will be the last OS upgrade we will be able to support for WIFI models. For this reason, we'd like to do everything we can to get you upgraded to our latest products, the jamstik+, and puc+. The following vouchers will be available through the end of the month. 

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