Intro to JS+ Audio FX Chain in Jamstik+ App for iOS (Guitar Effects & Amps)

2 StompBox Effects & 1 Amp Simulator

After updating your app to the latest version (at least version 1.7.3) open up the app and tap the Effect Pedal Icon.


An effects chain can string together guitar pedal and amp simulations on top of your sound.  They are easily toggled ON/OFF by tapping the Amp/Pedal Icons.  My favorite combo right now is the Full Stack Amp, Solo Sweetener Echo, & Smooth Electric as my guitar sound.

1) Download "Electric Guitar" from the Store (free)


Make sure to take advantage of all the FREE sounds in our store.   There are full variety packs of guitars, synths, drums, basses and more!  We also have a small variety of paid sounds as well. Please let us know if you have any requests for new sounds.

2) Tap the Effects Tab 


This tab is located on the utility bar (right side of the screen).

4) Select "Smooth Electric" from Sounds Drop-Down


One of our favorites, "Electric Guitars" - Free from Digital Sound Factory.

5) Select Amp "FullStack" 


The Amp Simulator features clean, slightly overdriven, and fully distorted tones.  I would compare it to a distortion pedal, but it is a true amp simulator with varieties of gain.  In the future, we will add parameters if requested.

6) Select Effect "Echo: Solo Sweetener"


Every good lead tone needs a little delay.  In this case, a ton of delay! Adding this pedal is a good call for most patches if you're looking to make your sound huge and spacious. 

7) PLAY!

Although this is a small iteration of our Audio FX Chain, these examples will get your feet wet into bringing these base sounds to life. Stay tuned!


Happy Playing!

- Mike & The Jamstik Team


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