JS+ App Update: Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator

In the latest update to the Jamstik+ Companion App for iOS we included the first iteration of our Audio FX Chain. We will be looking for your feedback as we enhance this feature, so please let us know how you like it!  


Check out my complete walk-through "Introduction to JS+ Audio FX Chain" for an example.

An effects chain can string together guitar-pedal and amp simulations on top of your sound.  They are easy toggled ON/OFF by tapping the Amp/Pedal Icons.

1) Update Jamstik+ (Ver 1.7.3)

2) Open JS+ App & Connect

3) Tap the 'Effects' Tab 

4) Select Effects & Amp

  • 3 Echo/Delays
  • 3 Tremolos
  • 1 Chorus
  • 8 Amp Sims



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